ये जरूरी बात नहीं है कि!!

Best Anmol Vachan in Hindi Images for Facebook
Best Anmol Vachan in Hindi Images for Facebook

ये जरूरी बात नहीं है कि जो
लोग आपके सामने आपके
बारे में अच्‍छा बोलते हों
वह आपके पीछे भी यही राय रखते हों ।

Ye Jaruri Baat Nahi Hai Ki Jo Log
Aapke Samne Aapke Bare Main Accha Boolte Ho
Wah Aapke Peeche Bhi Yahi Rai Rakhte Ho…!!

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  1. There is no doubt that there is massive corruption in military and para-military forces but govt is not giving proper attention since there is widespread corruption promoted by Congress party in last 70 years. The demonetization has failed due to rampant corruption from top to bottom all over country. Nothing will improve in this country till corrupts are convicted and all their assets are confiscated after charge sheet. All these budget exercises are futile since this will never reach to poor and common man of country since corrupt politicians are bent upon to loot this country recklessly. Central and state govt are in connivance with corrupt politicians.

  2. Who wrote the poem ohd ke tirangey ko q papa aaye h.

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