Good Quotes on Mistakes in Hindi Galti Quotes

Good Quotes on Mistakes in Hindi Galti Quotes
Good Quotes on Mistakes in Hindi Galti Quotes

Swaym Ki Galtiyan Jab Hum Dusron Main Dekhte Hain
To Hume Badi Jalan Hoti Hai

गलतियाँ कर के सीख चुकी हूँ मैं,
अब आगे की ओर बढ़ चुकी हूँ मैं,
अब फिर गिर कर, फिर उठना हैं !!
बस यही तो ज़िन्दगी के इम्तिहान हैं !!
बस यही तो ज़िन्दगी के इम्तिहान हैं !!

गुस्से और नासमझी में अक़्सर इंसान कुछ ऐसा कर देता है,
जहाँ वो ग़लत ना हो वहाँ भी ख़ुद को ग़लत कर लेता है।।

हर गलती सॉरी बोलने से माफ नहीं होती..🙂
कुछ गलतियों के लिए कूटना भी पड़ता है..🤣

बहुत रुलाते हो ना,…
तुम मुझे अपनी याद में…
गलती मेरी ही थी…
कि मांँगा था तुझे…
खुदा से अपनी फरियाद में…

in their weakest moments
the strongest make
their biggest mistakes.

Do not afraid to do mistakes in the
early stage of your life,
because it’s the only place you gain
experience. But make sure,
you are threatened to repeat them
in the next part.

Always remember your mistakes
Not the punishment

Loving you was the worst mistake
I did in my life and it is an irreversible process.
But I want this reaction to last for ever.

I realised my all mistakes of life
which I did
But now I never look back
& m going to start
my life to beginning
With my soulmate 😘😘

How could you say mistake is mine ,
When everything was not so fine.
Although it was like a hell,
Seems tough to Be well.
Something was weird,
Although watching them i heard.
I was simply Quiet like a calm day,
I knew but never bothered what they say.
Leaving something was difficult Now,
But Wasn’t knowing to stop how ?


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