Best Mistake Quotes Ever in Hindi Images

Best Mistake Quotes Ever in Hindi Images
Best Mistake Quotes Ever in Hindi Images

Apni Galti Swikaar Kar Lene Main…
Lajja Ki Koi Baat Nahi Hai..!!
Isse, Dusre Sabdon Main, Yahi Prmanit Hota Hai…
Ki Beete Huye Kal Ki Apekcha Aaj Aap Adhik Buddhiman Hain…!!

Yes, mistake was mine.
You asked for love
& I gave you my life.

एक पल का एहसास बनकर आते हो तुम,
दूसरे ही पल ख्वाब बनकर उड़ जाते हो तुम,
जानते हो की लगता है डर तन्हाइयों से हमें,
फिर भी बारबार तन्हा छोड़ जाते हो तुम!

Damage caused by Fear is far greater than
the damage caused by making mistakes…

You might mistaken it as my ego
But trust me my self respect level is beyond your expectation

nowadays we see,
people leaving each other over a
silly mistake or small argument..
believe me if they really loved you,
they will be angry but never leave you…

It’s said LOVE is BLIND.
That’s True as the Person in LOVE
ignores small mistakes of his / her LOVE
for an Exceptional Future Ahead TOGETHER.


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